Joon Maeng is the mang

Pic from wrecked mag

Picture from the Fomula D blog

Don’t know how any of you know Joon, but he was nice enough to let me pretend to be his pit crew at the 07 FD event at Evergreen. This guy is an absolute gentleman, and the epitome of dedication. Joon drove the entire way from SoCal to Evergreen (1 hour north of seattle) by himself the whole way. This event was easy to get to he said compared to the New Jersey event he ran earlier that year, where he and one friend drove straight there and back. Crazy right? Well, he’s back in the drivers seat of his personal S13.5 after a stint last year on the NOPI tour in an EVO. Above is an image of the completed car he has been running for a few years now, and the shell you see is going to be his backup machine, and it looks like quite a piece of engineering. Please show some love if you ever get a chance to meet Joon.


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