Loving green cars.

I have never been so excited for eco friendly cars. In the last year, we have seen the tesla roadster really bring to the spotlight that eco friendly cars don’t need to look like crap (see prius / insight). Now, I’m not huge on the roadster, but it isn’t a terrible looking car and with lotus beating performance, I can really appreciate what it’s capable of, not to mention the fact that it has a small carbon footprint.

Below are the supposed leaked images of the Tesla Model S Sedan which from this angle looks downright gorgeous.

Here is the Model S Sedan’s direct competition, the Fiskar Karma.

Pics via wired

Either one of these cars would be a huge step in making electric cars more paletable for the public. Both are good good looking cars which could be seen in the same ranks of a Mercedes E class or a BMW 5 series, and both seem to have decent performance to back them up. Even the price range isn’t too outlandish for either car with their cutting edge technology (est. $60k for the Tesla, est. $80k for the Fiskar). If I had the money, I’m sure there are other cars I would rather have, but it’s a good first step when they show up on the radar and are even something I might consider. If the future of these cars looks anything like it does now, I could definately see myself getting one in the next decade.

Update: So the original Tesla Model S Sedan pic I was looking at was the rear 3/4 view, the front end pics are new and it is interesting to say the least, but I stand by my original post, it is a good looking car and as long as design continues along that route, I’m sure that the future of electric cars will be just fine. (I wish I could be saying these types of things about GM or Ford)


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