Have you played Katamari? Well, you need to, right now. Srsly. Katamari Damacy is one of the most original/fun/cool/awesome/wtfbbq games i’ve ever played. You start as a little ball, rolling up thumb tacks, change, paperclips, move up to plates, pans, water bottles, then up to cats, dogs, bushes, then up to people, elephants, cars, then up to buildings, boats, trees, then up to neighborhoods, islands, streets, and in the end it becomes continents, rainbows, hurricanes, clouds, worshipped idols and eventually the entire universe becomes a playground to roll up into your ball.

The story goes as such:
You are the son of the King of the Cosmos, and he accidentally destroyed all the stars and planets in the universe except earth. He then charges you to take your katamari, a rolling ball to which everything sticks, and roll enough things into the ball to replace the items in the universe. Sounds a little crazy and it is. Honestly, when you read it, it sounds boring and dumb, but just look at the opening to the game.

How awesome was that. Yes, that was a statement posed as a question. Below is the newest Katamari game coming out called Katamari Damacy Tribute, which is basically a remake of the first game with updated graphics.

I want to get this, the only thing really holding me back is the soundtrack. The original had an amazing soundtrack that i actually listed to on a regular basis. Like in my car, with people staring. The sequels never really could match the music of the first and that was part of what made the game so great for me. The graphics are all going through a stylized change in this newest game also, which isn’t a bad things, it’s the first time they have branched out from the look of the original. Honestly I’ll probably get it anyways since it’s such a fun game. For all of you who haven’t ever played the original for the PS2, go out and pick it up, goes for like $20 usually and it’s really worth it.


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