Nike; finally doing something other than AF1 and Dunks

So I’m on Hypebeast like I am regularly, and I’ve seen a nice trend around Nike kicks as of late. They’ve started coming out with some great designs that still take on the old school stuff that they’re still milking, but this time they look good and different. Check em.

Nike Auto Flight

I like the Jordan/Blazer mix look.

Nike Air Hoop Structure

Nike Air Toki TZ

Good job Nike

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The future, today! Another concept I wish would be produced

So this thing is sick. I would seriously buy this if it came out.

Check the “specs” (remember this is a concept, so I could say it also come with a pez dispencer and nobody could disagree)

“47 buttons QWERTY keyboard looks divine and its configuration is quite customizable. The compact size of 180×80x20mm is neat and allows it to host an ultra wide LCD touchscreen. The phone even boasts of OLED technology. The trackball makes navigation even simpler however the 7 completely configurable action buttons (accessible when phone is closed and opened) adds awesome goodness to the package. Two USB slots, microphone and audio input, SD card reader, stereo speakers, docking connector and sexy sliding good looks are the other proposed features.”

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Awesome! More terrible news from a US car company!

Check it, Autoblog is reporting that tomorrow President Obama is going to announce that Chrysler will file for Chapter 11 bankruptsy.

Who will bail them out? Oh, we tried that already. Maybe they should make cars that last for more than 2 years. Or cars that aren’t horribly ugly (PT cruiser they finally killed, neon sucks forever, avenger sucks forever, jeep compass, sebring is stupid, caliber sucks, nitro sucks, thats like 60% of their lineup!)

I just feel bad for the people who will lose their jobs.

So it’s not all sad, here’s Chrysler’s last cool car.

Pontiac killled off due to economy

It has been announced that Pontiac has been killed off by GM. Goodbye to the last GM brand that I really liked. They have left me with GMC, Chevy, Buick and Cadillac. Wow. I don’t forsee myself owning a GM product any time soon. Unless I become 65, a cowboy or a platinum rapper soon. At least they have a broad market to work with. The last car GM made that caught my eye was the G8 GT, another aussie creation rebadged and re-uglied by Americans here in the US of A. It was a very cool car with V8 power, 6 speed manual, 4 doors and RWD. Awesome. Now it dead and gone. Here’s to Pointiac, maybe we forgive your Fieros, Grand Prixs and Sunfires, and remember you for your Firebirds, GTOs and G8s.

source jalopnik

Nigo, his influence is insane

Did you catch that Jay-Z lyric? Please tell me you did.

Anyways, Nigo’s influence is far reaching, from his home in Japan he has touched one in Germany, on a Ferrari 612.

If you remember, Nigo painted his classic 300SL with Bape camo, and here goes some German extravert trying to impress, but letting his people down. I am disgusted. The Ferrari 612 Scaglietti is not my favorite Ferrari, but by no means did it deserve this end. Stop the camo, it’s almost as bad as the flat black thing going around on all the Lamborghinis.

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