Air Yeezy

So I haven’t posted anything on the Air Yeezys yet, but yesterday was the official launch date so I guess now is a good a time as any. They’re cool I guess. Not sure if they live up to the immense hype, I mean they are one of the better looking shoes out there right now, but maybe I’m just jaded but I’m so over them already. I think I was looking at them like 9 months ago and I was hyped for them. Around the same time they released the McFly Hyperdunks, and that was how long ago?

pic via
hypebeast via marqueesole

still so sick

I think I’m just tired of looking at the pics, it almost seems like they came out months ago since I’ve seen them from every angle in hundreds of pics. It’s almost like they got played out before they were out. I mean, I wouldn’t say no to them, but I’m not out there hustlin to get them either.

source solecollector


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