BMW. Stop playing games with my heart. X6……M? This again?

What the hell. So a week or two ago I rail against the X6 because of its ugly ugliness. Now, they go ahead and announce that they are going to release an M version. 4.4 V8, sounds sweet right. Then they went and added 2 twin scroll turbos. WTF? 555 horsepower. WTF? First time AWD for M? Do I need to say it again? So they are taking what could possibly be some of the best performing technology they’ve ever had into the ugliest car they have released in like……ever? My heart bleeds. FML

Check out Jalopnik for all the gory details on the twin turbo technology. They use words like “pulse-tuned exhaust” and “twin scroll.” Sounds very technical and impressive. I’ll use those words in my next sociology paper.

pics via autoblog

I hate you

Now the only silver lining in this cloud? M version of the X5. Same technology as the X6 M, minus all the ugly.


You’re a handsome devil, aren’t you?


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