Six Days in Fallujah

Six Days in Fallujah is a video game in production by Konami. It’s based on the 2004 battles raging through Fallujah in Iraq. Kotaku reports that Konami has worked with something like 3 dozen Iraq War veterans who were in Fallujah in the same time frame that the game will be concentrating on.

It’s an interesting concept, but I’m not sure the timing is all that great. Normally I’d make a joke like “Too Soooooon!!!!”, but seriously, I think it is this time.

“Atomic Games president Peter Tamte says to the Los Angeles Times that the developer’s goal was to bring to Six Days in Fallujah “the horrors of war in a game that is also entertaining.”

Call me old fashoned or something, but I’m just not comfortable with turning something like this, something that still goes on today on a daily basis, into a form of entertainment. I think it’s somewhat disrespectful, in bad taste in addition to the bad timing. I don’t know how the veterans that helped in this project were proposed on this, but I’m pretty sure the words “horrors of war” and “entertaining” weren’t used in the same sentance with them around.

Whatever, the game drops next year some time.

source kotaku


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