best racing sim ever

Do you remember Gameworks? They had the Indy 500 race game where everyone got to sit in a plastic mini indy car and it went side to side depending on how you turned. It was alright, always fun with friends. Well, this takes that, but multiplies it by like…..a kazillion bajillion.

I-way in Lyon, France houses these spectacular machines. They have taken actual racing cars and retrofitted them with 3 plasma screens each, and then placed them on a raised hydraulic platform which tilts the car in all directions to replicate the g-forces one might experience in an actual race car. They offer you a few different options depending on what type of racing you want to experience, from rally, endurance (le mans style) or F1.


2 thoughts on “best racing sim ever

  1. OMG I want one for myself! Heh, seriously, it may not be very practical, depending on the simulated car, I mean something rougher or bumpier is probably going to be too much. But anyway, talk about immersion! 😮
    I wonder how much it costs, lol. Saw a video of someone using the platform with just a regular racing seat, so I suppose the F1 chassis is just as a bonus here but is not mandatory? I wonder if it works with different systems and steering wheel controllers. Anyway, great stuff!

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