4 door exotics suck

Hey, supercar world, WTF?

Stop taking your cool cars, then adding 2 doors to them and trying to pass them off as cool. This sucks. Stop making ugly cars. It’s all good that you want to expand your lines, and try to make more money from rich people who want a supercar but need to be able to bring their kid or whatever, but stop making them suck. You are being lazy, taking your existing designs and stretching them to accomodate 4 doors. You can build a car from scratch and use design cues from your companies without bastardizing your current line ups. And I don’t mean like the Lamborghini, because that just sucked even if it was a new design. The front was horried, like a Goblin with down syndrome. The porsche really sucks, like some crappy Carrera GT front end with a Boxter rear and a subway car used for the middle. The only acceptable car here is the Aston Martin, but it looks just like a DB9 and that thing was so long before you could have just added 2 more doors to the coupe and it would have worked, so you guys are being the laziest of them all. Just stop it.


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