Monthly Archives: May 2009

Let’s start it off with my new addition.

Nike Sweet Classic High

pic via kicks on fire

I was diggin them when I saw them, and like I was saying a few weeks ago I needed a new pair of whites, so here we are. Thanks to the homies at Zebraclub, check the sale they have going in the afternoons.

Some other kicks that caught my eye;

Alpinestars Shibuya Line

I don’t know how many of you know who Alpinestar is, but their forte is usually motorcycle gear, from riding jackets, pants, gloves, boots and such. But it seems they are branching out into adding some style to their products. These shoes would look good with jeans or with your riding gear.

via high snobiety

Clae Rollins 2009

Clean shoes, I would like a pair in white, but coming with the pastels is cool if you can pull it off. I’m tempted to give it my best shot.

via hypebeast

So D1 Anaheim was this last weekend. Don’t have anything to say about it, I just liked this video, editing and shots were pretty good and the music is chill.

I heard it sucked tho.