Wanna see why American car companies suck in America?

So, we all know GM is killing off the cool division in Pontiac, who over the last few years have brought over their cool V8 australian cars from Holden, another GM branch. The Holden Monero was the GTO they brought over in 2004 and the recent G8 that was such a cool car was based on the Holden Commodore. Both were awesome, V8, RWD, 6spd 300+ HP cars. Nothing but cool. And they have had those cars since 1999. It took them damn near 10 years to release their own cool car to the US crowd.

Now, onto Ford. They don’t suck as much, but they are just as guilty in these crimes of creating cool cars for the rest of the world, and not releasing them to their own domestic customers. The Australian Ford Falcon XR8 and the Ford Focus RS.

How about 300 HP 5 cyliner turbo with a 6 speed manual. It looks crazy, but if you’re in the market for a EVO or STi it might make you look twice. This one comes to us care of Europe.

And it’s not coming to America. Idiots.

How about a 394 HP 5.4L V8 with a six speed transmission and RWD? Sounds like a GM products, but it’s a Ford. Guess where it’s made? Australia of course. Something to compete with a BMW 5 series, or a Mercedes E class, something the Taurus will never do.

And it’s never coming to America. Dumb asses.

The list goes on, even with the Top Gear car of the year for 08 the Ford Mondeo. A boring FWD family car, but it got car of the year from some of the pickiest car critics in the world, and they’re European! But we get the Fusion, or whatever. Decisions like that doom these car companies. They dig their own graves by not bringing anything of interest. They wonder why they can’t sell a car to save their lives. It was bad before the recession for them.


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