Electric cars X oil companies. I like where this is going

So, ExxonMobil has co produced an electric car. Check the info from Jalopnik

The Maya 300 is an all-electric five door hatch built in Mississauga, Ontario with either a 60- or 120-mile range and a top speed of 30 MPH. The interesting part is it’s packing ExxonMobil technology.

The Maya 300 is the result of collaboration between Maya, battery supplier Electrovaya, and technology backer ExxonMobil and is currently heading for fleet sales and possibly an urban car sharing scheme in Baltimore, Maryland. Its Electrovaya lithium ion batteries utilize ExxonMobil’s co-extruded separator film to pack energy into the smallest possible size yielding a 12 kWh battery with a 60 mile range or a 27 kWh battery good for 120 miles. The car is motivated via a 15 kW permanent magnet motor (that’s a stampede of 20 HP to the rest of us). Recharge times are 6-8 hours on 110V and half that at 220V.

I figure this is the only way they can justify those ridiculously huge profits the last couple years. Spend it on R&D on something other than oil. Kudos ExxonMobil. They definately have their heads going in the right direction. Unlike those car companies. They make cars and they can’t even put R&D into electric cars. Idiots.

Now it’s no looker, but that’s besides the point. The technology is where it’s at. We need these. With this car, Tesla getting the government grant to move ahead with production on their cars, Nissan planning on releasing a fully electric car by 2012, things are looking good for the EV movement.

I’m on board.


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