As they say about all good things…….

I think I can tell exactly when it happened.

When I fell out of love with the BMW 5 series.

It’s when they decided they’re going to release this.

I really hate this car. I hate they tried to make some ugly hatch back thing. I hate that they took away it’s beautiful front end and streamlined body. I hate that it now looks like a huge 3 series. Did I tell you how much I hate the 4 door 3 series? I do. (although I love the coupe 3 series)

And I hate that they went back to this.

They went back to this front tilting bumper. My dad had one like this. I hated it.

Good night sweet prince. I will miss thee.

I’m not sure I like the direction BMW is taking in general. The only cars I like right now is the 3 series coupe, the M3 and the X5. I don’t like what they’ve done with the 7 series, it’s lost it’s akwardly attractive lines and proportions, it now looks like any other sedan. I’ve hated the newest 3 series 4 doors since they came out. We know about my hate of the X6. The Z4 has always been a nice looking car, but not something I get excited about. And now they go and do this. FML


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