TAG Heuer: The marketing needs a little work

So I took a look at a Louis Vuitton ad a while back. I thought it was really well done and intrigued and enticed people into looking at their products who might not have done so in the past.

Well here’s an ad now from TAG Heuer. I really like their watches, including the watch that this ad is made for, the Monaco. The issue lies in the execution. It was some really terrible voice overs, and some really terribly combined racing footage that some 12 year old cobbled together. The idea for this ad was epic, Steve McQueen vs Lewis Hamilton, the coolest movie star/racer ever against the current F1 prodigy and champion. It’s a shame they couldn’t pull it off with better results.

Would I still buy a TAG Heuer? Definately. But it wouldn’t have anything to do with this ad.


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