Western Edition Skate Gear – real good stuff

Now, I don’t skate anymore, so I don’t know how their stuff fuctions, so I base my opinion purely on asthetics.

And these guys have that in spades.

Western Edition put together a colab with RAW on April, 1 2009 to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Marvin Gaye’s passing.

Good stuff.

Now to celebrate their own 10 year anniversary, they put together a Miles ‘59 QUINTET Series representing the Miles Davis band which create the album Kind of Blue.

On these decks they have Paul Chambers on bass, Bill Evans on piano, Miles Davis on trumpet, John Coltrane on sax, and Jimmy Cobb on drums. (missing from the set are Cannonball Adderley and Wynton Kelley but they say they only had plans for 5 decks so they couldn’t be fit in.)

I am seriously impressed, and I’m thinking about getting the whole set for display.

To even add to the impressivness of the decks, HUSH put together 2 unique pairs of Vans WE Sk8 Hi for Western Edition.

They deconstructed the shoe and reconstructed with the custom images sewen into the sides. Wow.

Check out Western Edition here


Marvel Comics x Mad House anime. Get excited.

This is some sort of wierd subconscious dream come true. I always knew I like anime better than american cartoons because they just looked better, more detailed and such. But for some reason I never thought to put my old American cartoons/comics through the J-land machine. It’s been done, with Teen Titans and such, but I guess I just hadn’t thought about how much more I would like Iron Man if he had been done in anime style.

Now I know.

And I love it.

It’s all pew pew all fast, then he fights them hand to hand with ‘splosions and stuff. Then this other guys is like swoosh and he’s another evil iron man and they fight all sick.

Now I’m not as crazy about the Wolverine one. It seems to me that they took some random anime, and then made it so that the main character had retractable claws. He doesn’t really resemble Wolverine otherwise, so I don’t find that I enjoy this much, but we will see when it comes out. I really wish they would take Wolverine as he is out of Marvel vs. Capcom, with his mask and ridiculously fast. I always thought that version of him did the most justice, keeping him unmistakably Wolverine, but with an anime flair. Oh well. Still cool.

Couple new looks

Keeping my eye out for what moves me in the fashon world.

Sounds way too high class, just looking at shoes and stuff that I think look cool.

I haven’t had a nice watch in a long time, so I’m looking at this Nixon (on the left).

I’ve been eyeing these shoes from Orchard Street for a few months now, thinking I might grab a pair soon. Always cool to have some unique looks to your arsenal.

In the same vein of the Orchard Street pair, I’m liking the contrasting stitching on shoes right now. These nikes look the part, plus I’m into soccer gear right now and these Tiempo fit that look too.

CATcerto. This makes me so happy.

Accompanied by the Klaipeda Chamber Orchestra, conductor Mindaugas Piecaitis composed this amazing work. Makes Nora the Cat sound incredible!

Amazing. I wish I had like 1/10 the creativity to try and even come up with the idea of taking a cat messing around on a piano and turning it into a song.

Better than keyboard cat, but not as useful.

iPhone cases, got mine, but here’s a few options

So before I got the 3GS I was trying to decide which case I was going to get for my phone.

Here’s the winner.

incase bamboo in eggplant

review – good tight fit (thats what she said), pretty strong construction, unique feel due to the bamboo and it hides the ugly chrome ring I hate. Now I will say it does make the iphone a little bit bulkier, but still an acceptable size, and at times the lip might keep you from being able to fully cup your ear over the speaker, but only if you hold it at funny angles like with your shoulder or something. I like it so much I told my girlfriend to buy one, so she did. She got the plain white case for the 3g, which fits the same, but the feel is different since it isn’t a bamboo model, it’s much smoother. So, all in all, good buy, thumbs up, 5 out of 5 pandas.

Here were a few of the ones I mulled over, see what you think.

Miniot iWood (hehe) case. Looks awesome, I really was liking the wood look, like a meeting of the organic and the mechanical/technological. Only problem? $100 +. Not rollin like that unfortunately. (note: normally they don’t come with that tree on the back, some owners have chosen to laser engrave pictures onto the case. Here’s a case that hasn’t been etched.)

Incase x fragment design


incase 2 tone

Here were a few of the other incase options I considered. I like the incase x fragment design but I wanted to add a little color the otherwise colorless iPhone range, I like the HunterGatherer for the wood, but it just seemed too fake, and the green I liked the two tone but it didn’t drop for another month or something, and it was a little too flashy for me.

If you are looking for a good case, I suggest the incase for a decent price, they are durable and fit well, they cover up the chrome ring which I like, and they do make the phone a little more unique to yourself as they have so many options to choose from that you won’t see one like yours often.

Nurburgring: I want to be there.

So the Nurburgring in Germany is a dream come true for road racing enthusiasts. A 13 mile ring in Germany which is an open race course. Any car pays the fee to make a run, and from then on they are on their own. Here’s a few cool videos and stuff I found with The Ring.

Here’s a video of the upcoming Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG making a run on the ring.

It’s this car.

Which might look like this car.

Which is inspired by this car.

Eh. I hope it looks better than that “rendering.”

Here’s a new Nissan GT-R making it’s run. It’s been a huge controversy over this time it claims since it’s supposedly too fast for it’s horsepower and weight. I don’t care, it’s a fast run and looks like fun.

Following the GT-Rs success on the track, Nissan decided it would be a good idea to open a shop right next to The Ring. With that, they also released a special 370Z NÜRBURGRING EDITION which will be limited to a quantity of 80 cars. It only comes in that yellow. Hrmm.

Not to be outdone, Ferrari has also opened up shop at The Ring. But it seems to be more of a merchandise shop than a car shop. Eh. I went to the one in Hawaii, can’t say it was too exciting.

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