T-Mobile uninterested in competing with AT&T?

It seems so. One of the coolest phones to come out in a while (HTC Hero), with one of the better phone OSes in the world (Android), and T-Mobile says they will pass.

What? For realz?

Seeing video of the Hero has definately caught my attention. It was in the running as a phone I might get after my old iPhone although I ended up getting a 3GS since the Hero won’t be coming out for a while.

Sure, they have the Magic aka MyTouch 3G, but in head to head comparisons everyone said they would prefer the Hero. Now, I haven’t played with either one, and I’m sure I still would have preferred the iPhone, but why opt for the lesser of the two, or even just avoid the better phone all together? T-Mobile needs to pull it’s head out of it’s arse. This is not the way to compete with a better product, by selling an inferior product when it’s common knowledge that you have the option of seller a better one.


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