Need For Speed Shift. Looking better and better.

From the video, apparently Vaughn Gittin JR spent over 100 hours working with the physics on this game to make the drifting feel as good as it can on a controller.

Check out this preview of the drifting in Need for Speed Shift. Aside from my car being in the game, I have been very involved in the game development. I have been working on this behind the scenes with the developers for about a year, it has been so hard to keep my mouth shut. I have over 100 hours in developing and adjusting the drifting physics for this game and I am confident to say it is the most realistic drifting to date and you can actually feel it really good using a controller.

Our challenge was to make it accessible to everyone – from an 8 year old used to playing arcade-type games all the way to a pro driver; we accomplished that goal with the different modes. If you approach the game like your actually driving a car and not like your playing a game, you will get the hang of it real quick. I have been a SIM gamer for years and I have never enjoyed a game with a controller until now. I am very happy with what we have been able to accomplish and am excited for everyone to be able to feel it when it comes out September 15th. The graphics are insane and the in-car view is my absolute favorite.

Well come September 15th, we will see. I will probably pick the game up.
Check out Vaugn’s results at Formula D Vegas this past weekend as well as his comments and input on the NFS shift game here.


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