Nurburgring: I want to be there.

So the Nurburgring in Germany is a dream come true for road racing enthusiasts. A 13 mile ring in Germany which is an open race course. Any car pays the fee to make a run, and from then on they are on their own. Here’s a few cool videos and stuff I found with The Ring.

Here’s a video of the upcoming Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG making a run on the ring.

It’s this car.

Which might look like this car.

Which is inspired by this car.

Eh. I hope it looks better than that “rendering.”

Here’s a new Nissan GT-R making it’s run. It’s been a huge controversy over this time it claims since it’s supposedly too fast for it’s horsepower and weight. I don’t care, it’s a fast run and looks like fun.

Following the GT-Rs success on the track, Nissan decided it would be a good idea to open a shop right next to The Ring. With that, they also released a special 370Z NÜRBURGRING EDITION which will be limited to a quantity of 80 cars. It only comes in that yellow. Hrmm.

Not to be outdone, Ferrari has also opened up shop at The Ring. But it seems to be more of a merchandise shop than a car shop. Eh. I went to the one in Hawaii, can’t say it was too exciting.

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