iPhone cases, got mine, but here’s a few options

So before I got the 3GS I was trying to decide which case I was going to get for my phone.

Here’s the winner.

incase bamboo in eggplant

review – good tight fit (thats what she said), pretty strong construction, unique feel due to the bamboo and it hides the ugly chrome ring I hate. Now I will say it does make the iphone a little bit bulkier, but still an acceptable size, and at times the lip might keep you from being able to fully cup your ear over the speaker, but only if you hold it at funny angles like with your shoulder or something. I like it so much I told my girlfriend to buy one, so she did. She got the plain white case for the 3g, which fits the same, but the feel is different since it isn’t a bamboo model, it’s much smoother. So, all in all, good buy, thumbs up, 5 out of 5 pandas.

Here were a few of the ones I mulled over, see what you think.

Miniot iWood (hehe) case. Looks awesome, I really was liking the wood look, like a meeting of the organic and the mechanical/technological. Only problem? $100 +. Not rollin like that unfortunately. (note: normally they don’t come with that tree on the back, some owners have chosen to laser engrave pictures onto the case. Here’s a case that hasn’t been etched.)

Incase x fragment design


incase 2 tone

Here were a few of the other incase options I considered. I like the incase x fragment design but I wanted to add a little color the otherwise colorless iPhone range, I like the HunterGatherer for the wood, but it just seemed too fake, and the green I liked the two tone but it didn’t drop for another month or something, and it was a little too flashy for me.

If you are looking for a good case, I suggest the incase for a decent price, they are durable and fit well, they cover up the chrome ring which I like, and they do make the phone a little more unique to yourself as they have so many options to choose from that you won’t see one like yours often.


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