Marvel Comics x Mad House anime. Get excited.

This is some sort of wierd subconscious dream come true. I always knew I like anime better than american cartoons because they just looked better, more detailed and such. But for some reason I never thought to put my old American cartoons/comics through the J-land machine. It’s been done, with Teen Titans and such, but I guess I just hadn’t thought about how much more I would like Iron Man if he had been done in anime style.

Now I know.

And I love it.

It’s all pew pew all fast, then he fights them hand to hand with ‘splosions and stuff. Then this other guys is like swoosh and he’s another evil iron man and they fight all sick.

Now I’m not as crazy about the Wolverine one. It seems to me that they took some random anime, and then made it so that the main character had retractable claws. He doesn’t really resemble Wolverine otherwise, so I don’t find that I enjoy this much, but we will see when it comes out. I really wish they would take Wolverine as he is out of Marvel vs. Capcom, with his mask and ridiculously fast. I always thought that version of him did the most justice, keeping him unmistakably Wolverine, but with an anime flair. Oh well. Still cool.


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