Western Edition Skate Gear – real good stuff

Now, I don’t skate anymore, so I don’t know how their stuff fuctions, so I base my opinion purely on asthetics.

And these guys have that in spades.

Western Edition put together a colab with RAW on April, 1 2009 to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Marvin Gaye’s passing.

Good stuff.

Now to celebrate their own 10 year anniversary, they put together a Miles ‘59 QUINTET Series representing the Miles Davis band which create the album Kind of Blue.

On these decks they have Paul Chambers on bass, Bill Evans on piano, Miles Davis on trumpet, John Coltrane on sax, and Jimmy Cobb on drums. (missing from the set are Cannonball Adderley and Wynton Kelley but they say they only had plans for 5 decks so they couldn’t be fit in.)

I am seriously impressed, and I’m thinking about getting the whole set for display.

To even add to the impressivness of the decks, HUSH put together 2 unique pairs of Vans WE Sk8 Hi for Western Edition.

They deconstructed the shoe and reconstructed with the custom images sewen into the sides. Wow.

Check out Western Edition here


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