Formula D Seattle

So Formula D came to Seattle this past weekend. It was so serious. Seriously sofa king fun!!!

I ended up being the Pro-Am judge with Andy Yen and Ernie Fixmer from Formula D. These guys know what they’re talking about when it comes to drifting and I learned a lot from them. Hopefully I’ll be able to take what I learned and help make the Evergreen Drift program even better.

For our Pro-Am we 14 drivers, 3 from Cali and 11 from around the way. Our guys killed it out there but Cali definately represented, taking first place with Cyrus in the Megan Racing S13. Victor in the KRP S14 came in second and Ian in his R32 skyline took third. All those guys now have the opportunity to go to Phoenix and try to earn their FD Pro licenses. Congrats guys.

Cyrus S13

Ian R32

Victor S14

Roland already got his FD invite to Phoenix when he got 3rd in Vegas. Congrats Roland!

J-Rod, Andy, Ernie from FD and local announcer Afro Matt. I’m in there too!

On the pro side, things were crazy like. Crashes abound.

1 – Chris Forsberg
2 – Eric O’ Sullivan
3 – Tyles McQuarrie

via speedhunters

Some of the random homies

Nikolay ran Pro-Am in his freshly built S13 w/ RB25

Ian hit the wall in Friday qualifying but pulled it together

Angry Earl was around

Best pic Rolands car will ever have

Raw video some bro put together for the event, enjoy.

by shreeveco via NWN


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