Wednesday night golfing – Maplewood Golf Course

Last night I got to run out to Maplewood Golf Course in Renton and play 9 holes. After 6pm it becomes twilight rate, which is $15, a pretty good deal and it happens to be somewhat on my way home so it’s definately convenient.

View from the 9th tee box.

It is definately one of the better public courses I’ve played in the Seattle area. Very well kept grounds and a pretty challenging course with a good amount of water and elevation change. It also has some really great scenery. The course is in a valley and the hills on either side are covered with trees so it’s all green you see most of the time.

I started off great with a par on the first two holes. I kept the score relativly low through 6 holes, only +4 at the time.

Then the wheels fell off.

7, 8, 9 were all painful to play, and I triple bogeyed on each of them. I ended up with a 49 on the front half which isn’t good, but not too bad either (for me).

Eh, I had fun. Can’t ask for much more on a Wednesday night right?


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