Fisker Karma – it’s alive, and lookin good

The Fisker Karma made its driving debut Saturday during the Rolex Monterey Historic Automobile Races on the Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. Getting up to speeds around 100 mph, Fisker was sharing it’s speedy developent, saying they are as far along in 19 months as a company as GM is as far along on the Volt.

A 22-kilowatt-hour lithium-manganese Enerdel battery provides power to a pair of electric motors that deliver a total of 403 horsepower — and a stunning 959 pound-feet of torque — to the rear wheels. Fisker claims the car has a range of 50 miles on electric power. As the battery winds down, a 2.0-liter turbocharged direct-injection GM Ecotec engine will power a 175-kilowatt generator to keep the electric motors turning. The company says the car will deliver 100 mpg in combined city and highway driving.

“I wanted to design something that is timeless,” said Fisker, whose designs include the BMW Z8 and Aston Martin DB9. “If I designed another 7-Series, no one would buy it. I had to do something radical.”

I love the shape of this car, even it’s weird mustache. It has a great stance and proportions, it looks so fast standing still and absolutely stunning at speed. I can’t wait to see these on the streets.

source wired


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