BRB – in vegas for now

I’m in Vegas til Monday night. Got in saturday around 4. Went to Tao night club. Then gambled a little. Lost twenty bucks thanks to the lady. Then went to watch the Manchester city game at 530 am at a local pub off the strip with the homie mike who lives down here. Thanks for hooking it up mike. Went to bed at 730 am and woke up at 2 pm. Got breakfast now checking out what’s going on tonight.

Left off on Sunday afternoon. Spent the early afternoon shopping at the Caesars Palace Foru shops. Spent a bunch of money I probably shouldn’t have. That evening we went out to gamble since I hadn’t had a chance since we got there. Hit up Harrahs outdoor casino/bar Carnival Court, homie Gabe made out pretty good on the Blackjack table after Mike bailed him out when he was short some cash. Around 2 we ended up going to another Korean BBQ joint that’s open 24 hours, not as good as the first but still good. Dropped Gabe off at 4 am since he had class the next day and then went to The Orleans. Way off the strip but a big casino, tables were dead so I played a little roulette and blackjack. Was up a little after the blackjack game. Got back home around 6 am.

Monday was pretty chill. Got up and went to New York New York, played a little blackjack there and broke even. Then we went to the Aquarium at Mandalay Bay and did a little shopping at Luxor. Ended up going down to the FCUK store and a tie was purchased for me. Headed back tot he hotel room to pack up, played a few more table games before we called it good and left for the airport.

All in all a very good vacation/extended weekend.


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