Saturday nights alright for fightin

Started with another early Saturday morning, 530 wake up to be at the bar at 7 for the start of the game. Headed down to Doyle’s Pub in Tacoma, it’s a little over 45 minutes drive from Seattle, picked up a compadre on the way. Watch Manchester City take down Arsenal and watched Paul cry after seeing Adebayor score on him, then step on his boy van Persie’s face. LOL. Watched the Tottenham v. Man U game, but Tottenham couldn’t do anything after the sweet bicycle kick from Defoe in the FIRST MINUTE! Then they rolled over.

After the pub, went to a bread store. Bought banana bread. It was delicious.

Ended the night at a house party, a beer and a few shots, ended up staying there til 1 or something and watched other drunkards play Guitar Hero 5. I think I might buy it because it has a pretty good song list.

Moral of the story:
Go to Doyle’s Pub – website here.

Banana bread is awesome.

Guitar Hero 5 is actually pretty good as far as music, visuals still suck. Drunk Guitar Hero is entertaining to watch, not so much to hear.


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