In honor of the upcoming weekend, a Tribute to last weekend

So this last weekend was pretty eventful. Keep up with me.

Spent Friday night playing some soccer at Starfire in Kent, where the Sounders play their US Open cup games.

Saturday morning, I was walking the dog and *BAM* car show down the street I didn’t know about, here’s just a small sample of my favs.

Sunday evening I found myself at the Puyallup Fair. I always say I’m not going to bother going this year, but every year I end up going for some reason.

So you know what a fair looks like, here’s the important part. We went to a vendor who sells deep fried everything. So we got a twinky, deep fried. Not too bad, but I wouldn’t eat it on the regular.

And then the really important part.

If you can read that, it says chocolate covered bacon.

Now I have a rule in life concerning bacon. It makes everything better, EXCEPT deserts and gelatinous items. Therefore I knew before I started that this would not end well, but I had to experience it first hand to know that my rules of the world were correct.

Well go ahead and write that shit in stone tablets. Chocolate covered bacon is horrible. I almost threw up. I actually spit it out next to the stand that we bought it from, not realizing that the side of the stand was open and everyone that worked there could see me spitting up the horrible concoction that they created. It serves them right in some cosmic way, except that I’m sure it wasn’t their ideas to create this abomination, they just wanted to make their wage, so for that I apologize. But I do not apologize for spitting it up.

And then a scone saved me.

Undocumented within this weekend was also 3 rounds of laser tag, watching the Seahawks fail in the 4th qtr against San Francisco at the Outback’s bar, getting up at 530 sunday morning to watch my beloved Manchester City lose in the 97th minute (ref’s a cheat!), and the Sounders game who once again have not scored at home since July 11. Quite a busy weekend if I do say so myself.

Here’s to hoping this weekend is just as awesome.


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