Recap of the weekend lost

So I played soccer again Friday night, played pretty much the whole game, but it didn’t start until 930 so I was out pretty late. That leads me to why the weekend mostly sucked.

I got sick. I thought it was my allergies, but it ended up turning into a chest cold, with me coughing up crap. A lot. I’m still doing it in fact. It sucks. So here’s some good stuff that happened this weekend.

Woke up Saturday with a runny nose and a sore throat, but I’m a man, so I beasted through it without a second thought. Sleep at 1230, up at 530 am so I could go to the pub to watch soccer. Watched Liverpool wipe the floor with Hull 6-1 while Torres tore it up with a hat trick. Too bad he’s not on my fantasy team. The we watched the rather boring Arsenal/ Fulham game where Arsenal squeaked through 1-0.

Went home to clean house since we were hosting some friends for the Sounders game. By now my sickness had become a little worse, but I killed the symptoms with pizza. Sounders lose. That sucks. We then watch the Huskies lose. I didn’t go to UW but I grew up watching the Huskies, so I follow them. Well they lose. Sucky again. I get to sleep at midnight again.

Sunday I woke up and it was even worse. I could not use my nose other than as a flowing faucet for my snot. I sounded like a chain smoker of 186 years. But no matter, way my dog needs to be walked. While we were out, my girlfriend decided he needed a new toy/friend. Here they are enjoying each others company.

That makes life a little more cheery.

Then Sunday afternoon we went to a friends house. My girlfriend has been learning how to cook from her friend, and she learned today how to make orange chicken and chocolate cream swirl cake, or some kind of cake like that. Either way, the meal was great and worth the risk of spreading my nile virus around to enjoy. Got to spend the evening discussing electronic devices, engineering, industrial design, home buying, politics, heath care reform, and calculus with my friend Glen, who also provided me with my first Guinness. I must say it’s a better beer than I had expected. My favorite dark beer thus far. Happy 250th Guinness.


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