Making a run for the border – exit van city

Started the day enjoying the view from the top floor of our hotel. It was a beautiful day in van city. Spent the rest of today roaming the streets of Vancouver enjoying crepes (very fin pancakes) and the various shops around. I particularly enjoyed the streetwear boutiques we hit up, el kartel and dipt. Very cool stuff from 10 deep, alife, crooks and castle as well as the heavy hitters like LRG and Nike at Dipt, El Kartel had more in house stuff as far as shirts, but got some good stuff from Adidas, PF Flyers, Asics, Stussy, and others mostly in the form of accessories/kicks. Got me a few t shirts and the girly bought some shirts and a pair of boots. Ended the day with some Korean BBQ before setting back for Seattle.

The sweet view from our friends room which was on the top floor of the hotel. It was really cool being downtown in a big city and being able to see the ocean and the mountains all around, very cool contrast between urban and rural life that I dig.

Egg, ham, cheese, and mushroom crepe. The crepe places were like Starbucks in Seattle, one on every corner.

A pic inside El Kartel, it was a cool collection of PF Flyers that they had artsy styled, not really for wearing.

Korean BBQ. Might make it a tradition to hit it up whenever I leave town.

Making my way back to the land of the free, home of the brave.

I’ll be back someday Canada. XOXO


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