O Canada – Vancouver adventure

Took a short trip to vancouver bc Friday night. Got into our hotel around 930 or so after getting a little lost. Thank goodness for the gps our friends brought. We spent the evening eating dinner at joeys and then going down Granville street which is the spot to be for clubs and bars in van city. Hit up the Granville Room which was a cool little bar with a huge front window, fun for people watching and partook in a few drinks. It was really cool down there since they are currently doing construction on Granville, the street is shut down and so there’s just a ton of people walking through the street and it’s shut down the whole length that I saw so it’s like a giant party outside for blocks. In the battle of the cities that are within a 3 hours drive from Seattle, I would always choose Vancouver over Portland.

Our room has this big ass TV. I didn’t use it much except for getting ready in the morning to watch some world cup soccer, but it was nice that they have such accommodating features. Definitely suggest staying at The Sutton Place Hotel Vancouver if you’re going there. It’s right downtown with all the shopping and food stuff you could ask for, and 3 blocks down from Granville for the fun stuff.

Hotel also provided a great view at night.

Joey’s restaurant made for a good meal to end the long day. Had the ribs and mashed potatoes, girlfriend had the chicken with these super cool mashed potatoes that they put into egg roll wrappers and deep fry. It’s like potato lumpia. Hella good.

Granville, closed for blocks with wandering drunk Canadians, and some Americans.

Pic of Granville Room, super dark but they have all the alcohols you could want, that whole top shelf is stocked, with whole sections of bombay, kettle one, and others, and on the left there is a ladder to get up and retrieve said alcohols.


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