Howard does Seattle

So my buddy Howard made the trek from Springfield Missouri this past weekend. This is some of what we did.

Had Chinese food in the international district and checked out Pink Godzilla, a shop with a bunch of old school video games and newer import and domestic games. No pics, but here’s their website. Then we went to Matador, a bar near my house.

Then we made our way down to Qwest Field for the last Sounders FC regular season game, the Sounders won 2-1 over Dallas. Apparently Howard doesn’t like Dallas, so everyone was happy.

Here’s the march to the match that the Sounders supporters do from Pioneeer Square to Qwest.

Here’s Sluggers bar, we did warm shots of Jack and drank Bud Light. Not a great combination. Adam and Cody dropped by and had a few beers with us, apparently they had been doing some drinking of their own.

After this, I don’t know what happened. I went to a wedding and left Howard with Adam and Cody. Apparently they caused a ruckus on Capitol Hill, getting kicked out of clubs and dirtying street corners while consuming hot dogs. That’s the only part of the story I got. I leave for 3 hours and we have to swoop in to evac the team.

Then Sunday we went to a pre-opening of Earl’s restaurant, a new place in Lincoln Square in Bellevue. Very good food and a very cool atmosphere. We had steak, prawn tacos, pizza, alfredo pasta, ribs, chicken wings, chicken caesar salad, a pitcher of Bud Light and a shot called a Gumdrop. All for free. Awesome.

Seriously the food was great and I would suggest anyone go to Earl’s if you’re in Bellevue. The prices aren’t unreasonable, everything goes from 15-30 ish for the steak and stuff on the high end. The place itself is very nice as well and in a great location right next to the Bellevue Art Museum.

This was just crazy weather from last night.

Then we had a last hurrah down a Fox Sports bar in downtown Seattle, had a few drinks and some food for Monday Night Football.

A very good weekend with more drinking than I normally do, but it was good times.


One thought on “Howard does Seattle

  1. Dude, those were all good times. More drinking that weekend than I usually do in…well a month but we had to catchup in as much time as we could muster! HOJOCO(squared) will need to ride with the Panda!

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