Honda – too little too late

So Honda. Trying to make it up to me?

Seems Honda was finally smart enough to send this our way, the TSX wagon, based on the JDM/Euro Accord wagon.

Yea cool, too bad it’s so ugly.

Up until these last few years I absolutely loved Acura products. I love this TSX, my girlfriend’s brother had one and it was one of my favorite new “sport” sedans when it came out.

I love this TL, my friend has one and if I didn’t need a place for my big dog (and if it wasn’t FWD) I would seriously buy one.

I wanted my girlfriend to buy this MDX.

Here’s what they all look like now.


Look at the back of the TL!!!! (reminds me of the joke of shaving your dogs butt and making it walk backwards, but I can’t decide which end is worse!!!!)


They all have this wierd man in the iron mask thing going on, and it’s horrible.

Sofa King Ugly.

Speaking with a colleague this past weekend, who is an Acura owner himself, we decided that there isn’t a new car from Acura that isn’t absolutely horrible looking. They are are super duper ugly in the face. And nobody in their right mind should buy one.

My friend says that he gets surveys that ask about his Acura ownership experience, and he has nothing but positive things to say, but that his parting remark is always;

“Dear Acura,

Please make something that I would actually buy.”

So kudos for bringing over a car that should have never been discontinued in the states (idiots), but poo poo on you for making all of your new cars ugly.

Edit: The only thing that could save this car is to keep that JDM/Euro grill that is in the first pic. It’s that man-in-the-iron-mask look that ruins all these cars (although nothing could save that TL). But it still isn’t as good looking as the first gen TSX.


5 thoughts on “Honda – too little too late

  1. this might be the worst article i ever read, its all opinion based and makes no sense, if the new TSX is so ugly why is it one of the best selling sedans in its class? Do a little research before you write an article… idiot

    1. In response to your criticism, yes this entire “article” (kind of gives it more credit than it deserves calling it that, more like an editorial) is opinion based. But something being ugly or not is also opinion based. I think new acuras are very ugly, and if they sell well, I’ll just say some people have more money than brains.

      They are fantastic cars in terms of quality. But so are many good looking cars. So these new acura, tsx included, still suck.

      Stupid head.

  2. The TSX sucks? you really dont know much about cars because the TSX is a fantastic car, maybe not as good as last gen but its has received fantastic reviews and so has the TL, you may not like the styling but Acura makes great cars

    1. I don’t need to know a ton about cars to know how ugly the acuras are. I even said that I would buy the last gen which you admit was better. I love the last gen acuras, but hate the new ones. Yes, they are fantastic, reliable cars, but the whole of Honda’s line up of cars are ugly and boring, even worse than Toyota which is all boring, but not all ugly. As good as Hondas/Acuras are I would rather spend comparable money on a Lexus or Infiniti product before even looking at Acuras, and both of those car companies are on par with Honda for well built, quality cars (probably more Lexus than Infiniti).

  3. what is that ugly thing in the grill? they would be better without that ugly thing.

    honda’s are great cars – i grew up with them and had one myself for a while. i’d probably buy one, but i’d buy a lexus before i’d buy a honda.


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