A busy weekend – soccer + the rest of my life

Another busy weekend. I guess at least I got to sleep in one day.

Friday was the last outdoor soccer game of the season, which is probably a good thing. Last time it was raining horribly and my shirt felt like it weighed 10 pounds, this time it was 35 degrees with a windchill of like -15 or something stupid. We won 5-0, I had 2 shots that I pushed right both times, super embarrassing but it was nice to get a shot on as I haven’t been too helpful in the outdoor games.

Come Saturday and we got to sleep in and then head out to my cousin’s birthday party. Then we went to the mall, did a little shopping. Saturday night was the last time we were gonna hit up The War Room as it’s closing down.

Good times for sure. Maybe a little too good for some. Hit up Mamas Pizza around 130 to end the night on a tasty note.

Got home around 330 and woke up at 8 feeling not so well.

Spent most of the day napping on the couch until we went down to the MLS Cup Final. A pretty boring game at first but it picked up near the end. We had to leave at the end of the first OT, which sucked but we had to get to our own soccer game.

We played for 3rd and 4th place in our indoor soccer league, but lost 7-6 so we ended up 4th. I had 1 goal and 1 assist, but the team we played against wasn’t very much fun to play with, taking things a little too seriously and bumping a little too much.

Well, after 3 soccer games this weekend, we get some time off from the local soccer stuff. Sounders/MLS is done for the season until next March, our league has a month or so off from soccer as the leagues don’t start up again until the new year, so I’ll enjoy the time off but have to keep in shape somehow. I’ll be going down to a new pub to watch the EPL live at 7am so I’ll tell you how that ends up.

Overall a very good weekend.



Weekend Review – Breakfast adventures and more

So per my normal Saturdays, I picked up my friend Adam, and we headed out to Doyle’s Bar for a 7am live soccer game. Key word is live.

Doyle’s has decided they don’t want to open earlier than 9, which totally blows the live game watching out of the water. So what to do when in Tacoma at 7am with hours before your next planned event?

Improvise. It became a mission to find something cool to do at 7am in the Seattle area. This is what transpired.

First stop, The Hangar Cafe.

It’s someone’s house. They decided they wanted to feed people in their house, so it’s now a restaurant.

And it’s actually very good. Super small place but the service is nice and the food is great. I had the banana walnut Belgium waffle, Adam had the bread pudding/french toast. Both very good. Also tried the apple/blackberry juice, crazy weird texture but very nice flavor. Everyone should go there. But not at the same time, you wouldn’t all fit.

Next stop, Pike Place Market, the Seattle landmark. I have known this market for many years of my life, my mom and my dad both worked here when they were younger so in some way it’s a part of the family history and we used to visit on a pretty regular basis with the people that my dad kept in touch with. It has been some time since I last visited, so today was as good a day as any. Except for the thunder squall that attacked the shores of Seattle at the same time. It made for a soggy day, if I’m being polite. We did the normal stuff, watch fish getting thrown, visiting the local stands and such. I got a call from my dad telling me he would be on the radio that morning which was weird, but good for you dad.

Italian Broccoli, who knew that such a geometric shape existed in nature?

That was the end of the first breakfast adventure. I plan on doing it again. Find another hole in the wall place to eat good food. Then do something cool, all before noon or something.

Saturday afternoon we went to dine at Earl’s again, as some of our friends hadn’t tried it yet. The service was pretty terrible this time. I’m not sure I’ll go back anytime soon, and if the service is bad again in a few months, maybe not at all. The evening brought a few weird hours with my grandmother being admitted to a local hospital, she seems to be doing fine for now. With that good bit of news, we headed out to The Parlor, a bar/night club/pool hall in Bellevue for our friends birthday.

Sunday brought the Sounders game in the second leg of the Western Conference Playoffs. I went to last Thursday’s game in Seattle but nothing too exciting to speak of except the atmosphere as it was a 0-0 game. That brought us to this game in Houston with the season on the line. Unfortunately an overtime goal by Brian Ching brought the season to a screeching halt, but cheers to you Sounders for a great inaugural season. We went down to Seatac Airport that night to greet them as they came back from the game. It was a spur of the moment thing and I wasn’t really prepared with my jersey or anything. We had just finished an indoor soccer game at 9.30 and remembered that the team landed at 10. Things went as they did and we hung out until they arrived. Heard a few little speeches, shook hands and took pictures, and that was the end of the weekend. A very good one at that.

Soooo many cool shoes – I wants it all

There have been some cool shoes coming out as of late that I’m wanting.

Nike Sportswear Air Zoom Tiempo designed by Artoo

artist Artoo designed this soccer shoe, which is somehow now considered a fixie bike shoe. I don’t get it, but i want it as a soccer shoe. I love the all white broken up by the subtle colors used in the stitching. It looks very well crafted and shows off the handiwork instead of a bunch of crazy colors yelling for attention.

Michael Jordan Motorsports 6 ring sneakers

Michael Jordan’s love for motorcycles and his racing team inspired this line of shoes. I just like how simple the colors are, it’s been a while since I’ve seen just a clean pair of Jordans. Word on nicekicks.com is that these will never come out, but hypebeast is putting them out like they’re gonna be released.

Puma urban mobility line

Like the Jordans, I really like the simple designs and colors. I’m also really big into simple looks but still distinguishable and unique from what you could grab at the mall.

Subaru Tank – by Ken Block

The TRAX STI is an experimental automobile that starts with Block’s competition-ready Subaru WRX STI before ditching the tires, adding snow cat tracks, and upgrading to some next-level suspension to create the ultimate backcountry shred car. Prepared by Vermont SportsCar, performance modifications include 400-hp and features Group N competition rally dampers made by EXE-TC and a KAPS 5-speed close-ratio dog-engagement gearbox. Under the hood sits a 2.5 liter, 4-cylinder, turbocharged and intercooled STI engine tuned with a MOTEC M800 ECU.

Completing the TRAX STI is a sleigh to be pulled behind the car, designed to hold four snowboarders, their snowboards, and all their gear. The sleigh’s body is 100 percent custom designed and constructed of hand-laid fiberglass-though the sleigh is not seen in this teaser video, look for it in future videos next year. Altogether, this is one car ready for backcountry access and snowboarding.

“The TRAX STI is a very fun project for me,” said Block. “It combines a two of my favorite things in life: driving a rally car in the snow and snowboarding in the powder in the backcountry. Having a house in Utah (the DC MTN.LAB), I get to enjoy lots of sliding around on the snow, but this project takes that to a whole new level as I can now hit up the backcountry in the fastest snow cat ever. It’s incredibly fun having the ability to push the high-power Subaru on the slopes and to backcountry spots that normal cars could never go!”

I totally want one. Even without the 400 horsepower or whatever, it would be cool on a stupid old subaru. I haven’t being skiing in years but I plan on going up this year, and I want to do it in this.

I probably will settle for just a ride from my friends, but I want to do it in this.

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