Soooo many cool shoes – I wants it all

There have been some cool shoes coming out as of late that I’m wanting.

Nike Sportswear Air Zoom Tiempo designed by Artoo

artist Artoo designed this soccer shoe, which is somehow now considered a fixie bike shoe. I don’t get it, but i want it as a soccer shoe. I love the all white broken up by the subtle colors used in the stitching. It looks very well crafted and shows off the handiwork instead of a bunch of crazy colors yelling for attention.

Michael Jordan Motorsports 6 ring sneakers

Michael Jordan’s love for motorcycles and his racing team inspired this line of shoes. I just like how simple the colors are, it’s been a while since I’ve seen just a clean pair of Jordans. Word on is that these will never come out, but hypebeast is putting them out like they’re gonna be released.

Puma urban mobility line

Like the Jordans, I really like the simple designs and colors. I’m also really big into simple looks but still distinguishable and unique from what you could grab at the mall.


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