A busy weekend – soccer + the rest of my life

Another busy weekend. I guess at least I got to sleep in one day.

Friday was the last outdoor soccer game of the season, which is probably a good thing. Last time it was raining horribly and my shirt felt like it weighed 10 pounds, this time it was 35 degrees with a windchill of like -15 or something stupid. We won 5-0, I had 2 shots that I pushed right both times, super embarrassing but it was nice to get a shot on as I haven’t been too helpful in the outdoor games.

Come Saturday and we got to sleep in and then head out to my cousin’s birthday party. Then we went to the mall, did a little shopping. Saturday night was the last time we were gonna hit up The War Room as it’s closing down.

Good times for sure. Maybe a little too good for some. Hit up Mamas Pizza around 130 to end the night on a tasty note.

Got home around 330 and woke up at 8 feeling not so well.

Spent most of the day napping on the couch until we went down to the MLS Cup Final. A pretty boring game at first but it picked up near the end. We had to leave at the end of the first OT, which sucked but we had to get to our own soccer game.

We played for 3rd and 4th place in our indoor soccer league, but lost 7-6 so we ended up 4th. I had 1 goal and 1 assist, but the team we played against wasn’t very much fun to play with, taking things a little too seriously and bumping a little too much.

Well, after 3 soccer games this weekend, we get some time off from the local soccer stuff. Sounders/MLS is done for the season until next March, our league has a month or so off from soccer as the leagues don’t start up again until the new year, so I’ll enjoy the time off but have to keep in shape somehow. I’ll be going down to a new pub to watch the EPL live at 7am so I’ll tell you how that ends up.

Overall a very good weekend.



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