Air Jordan Silver Anniversary Collection

Celebrating the 25 years of Jordan’s shoes.

I like this whole collection a lot, something that can’t be said a lot of the time about recent Jordans. Good, clean, stylish shoes.

And let’s talk about these for a second.

How ugly.

These will be the Jordan 2010, this is how you want your 25th anniversary shoe to look? So gross. What is with that little window? So I can see your nasty socks? Or even if they’re clean, so I can see your socks? Why? I don’t understand, the hole looks like the side of a stupid ship.

SS Ugly Jordan.

I wish I was baller enough to get the whole collection, but alas I’m not that big a sneaker head nor do I have the cash to throw down even if I was. We will see though, when these drop I might have to grab a pair or two of my favs. Hopefully we will see the whole Jordan lineage released with this look.

via highsnobiety

Update: added the rest of the collection

Update 2: added the last of the collection (I think?)

Update 3: Yes again.

Update 4: Oh Em Gee


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