Found a new soccer pub! – Plus Vegas Mike’s visit

So, if you remember my plight that turned into the breakfast adventure, I found myself 1 hour south of my house, at a pub I normally watch soccer at, which is now not showing live soccer matches. That sucked.

What sucked after that was finding out there was a pub in downtown Seattle, 8 minutes from my house, that has been showing live soccer matches for the last 7 years. So, down to Fado’s we go. It was a very fine time, I had been to that place before, but only at night when it’s a proper bar, not knowing that they showed soccer games during the mornings. The only gripe I have is that it’s hard to make sure your game is on a tv where another tv can be seen to watch 2 or more games at once. You’re basically stuck watching your game only depending on what room you end up in. But the service is great and friendly, the food is good, and I know the drinks are good, but I didn’t grab a beer this time.

Also last weekend, my friend Mike came in from Vegas. He was the one who showed us around Vegas, a lot of cool off the strip stuff that made Vegas even cooler than it was the first time I went. So we showed some hospitality to him, and we ended up going to Korean BBQ and on Sunday we went Bowling at Acme bowl in Tukwila.

The weekend before last was lost to a move. We packed up, and moved a whole 100 yards to a larger apartment in the same complex, this time with an extra room that we have needed, and also a view.

This next weekend, probably a bunch of Christmas shopping to finish that off, and we were supposed to go to see Avatar but it seems the person that was going to buy us tickets didn’t, so we will have to make different plans.


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