10 Deep – winter threads

For this winter season, I wanted to get some nice sweater/jackets that I could wear under the waterproof Northface shell I got.

I went to my friends over at Zebraclub and took a look around the place. I saw some really nice pieces, but two really caught my eye and they happened to be from the same company.

10 Deep this winter has released some of the coolest sweaters I’ve seen in a really long time, having a classic look while keeping a modern twist to them.

The Maritime Shawlneck Sweat

The Paddington Plus Toggle Hood

The paddington in black was the first I was going to get, but they didn’t have my size in stock, so I grabbed the Maritime. After finding out that the Paddington was on indefinite backorder in any color, I made my way over to the 10 Deep website with the quickness and grabbed the Paddington in brown instead. I really like that I have both of those covered and can wear either depending on what kind of outfit I have on.

The quality on these things is great. The material it’s made of is very soft and very warm. The fit is pretty true to size. The craftsmanship is noticable in the details when you look at the jacket. I’m very happy with these and can’t wait for the next 10 Deep collection to release.

Here’s a few of the others that caught my eye but I couldn’t justify purchasing.

I really liked, but didn’t want a hoody, I wanted a coat type sweater

seemed too bulky with the latches

I didn’t like the pattern though

You can grab stuff at the 10 Deep website, Karmaloop or if you’re in the Seattle area, Zebraclub in either Bellevue Square, downtown Seattle, or if you’re going north, Vancouver B.C.


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