Holiday times keep me busy.

So, it’s been a while since we caught up, here’s what I’ve been up to.

Pizza Party. Yeah, that’s right. My job took us to Chuck E. Cheese. What has your company done for you lately?

Merry Xmas from my dog. Not from me. He has a dog snuggie. I have a human snuggie. Neither of which were bought by me, but he/I still rock it.

Got Apples to Apples as a present. Didn’t know everyone enjoyed it so much. Played at least twice over the holidays.

Went back down to the pub last Saturday to watch Manchester City play. Got to wear my new jersey that I got for xmas too. I gotta put a picture up of that.

Oh and they won.

Then we went to eat at Joey’s with Timmy. He was visiting during xmas from San Diego and hated the cold up here. I don’t blame him.

And then came New Years. Had fun at the DList event up in Fremont Studios. Some Seahawks were there and Ryan Leslie performed. They had DJ Ikon from Vegas, but I didn’t really notice/care as the music was just ok, I wasn’t amazed or anything. Good fun though for sure. Didn’t get home until 4.30, watched a fight at a chinese food restaurant at 3 in the morning, definately exciting times.


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