Google Phone – Nexus One

So I’ve been a loyal iPhone user for almost 3 years now, right about the same time the original came out, and I have been happy with that purchase and the subsequent purchase of the 3gs.

But as they say, all good thing must come to an end, and the Nexus One might be the phone to tear me and my iPhone apart.

One big reason off the bat is the interface. The thing looks very cool with all the swooshing and moving stuff going on the home page. Say what you want about how that might be trivial or shallow, but whatever, you’re impressed too.

Then it has the better camera, faster processor speeds and extra ram, the phone itself is a powerhouse. I was building computers just a few years ago that were comparable to this thing.

Then it comes down to the real issues that Apple has that might turn me onto a competitor. Lack of Adobe Flash is one. iTunes is a second issue. If you don’t have a Mac, no matter how fast your computer is, iTunes runs like shit. It’s terrible. That and the fact that iTunes sucks. For a company that prides itself on how great and easy the computers are to use, they sure made the music and movie management some of the crappiest around. I miss winamp compared to iTunes, and the last time I actually used winamp was like 01. I hate iTunes.

Then if you’re going to be picky, there’s stuff like the inability to run multiple apps, a still kinda crappy camera, battery life and the app store not allowing cool apps to make it through, which is all stuff that we have had to deal with but it was worth it still having the best phone on the market.

Now I have another year on my contract, so I won’t get the first iteration of the phone, I might end up getting the Nexus Two for all I know, but there are just a few issues with the Google Phone too. In this time, I hope they can fix the few issues I do have with the phone.

There is the slow internet issue that engadget showed on their review of the phone, it takes both of the droid phones way longer to complete a web page than it does the iPhone. That is an issue since I use the internet a ton on my iPhone. The other issue is the cool swooshy stuff I talked about earlier. Apparently there are complaints that although it looks really cool, all that swooshiness actually causes the phone to lag as it’s trying to process all the graphics intensive stuff. Those could break it for me since lag is something that we don’t generally see on the iPhone and the internet speed is really important. That, and it isn’t the most attractive phone in the world. Very boring in color and shape, but you will be able to buy a case for it anyhow so it shouldn’t be that much of an issue, plus it doesn’t have the ugly chrome ring around the outside like the iPhone.

We will see how this all plays out in the next few months, I expect there to be some updates to the Nexus One, and possibly another version in the next year that will polish all these rough edges, and then maybe Google will earn my business.


One thought on “Google Phone – Nexus One

  1. I was studying something else about this on another blog. Interesting. Your perspective on it is diametrically opposed to what I read before. I am still reflecting over the various points of view, but I’m inclined heavily toward yours. And irrespective, that’s what is so great about modern-day democracy and the marketplace of thoughts online.

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