Nike Sportswear colab – World Cup kits x national artists

Here’s a brief summary on these kits.

Six Collaborations spawned from Nike Sportswear’s desire to celebrate the beautiful game of football in a way that connects to the national team fans who dwell at the intersection of sports and culture. In 2006, Nike collaborated with a group of artists to curate and design environments and spaces that represented their countries, but there was no product connection to this partnerships. This year, Nike worked with established and emerging artists from six countries to create alternative National Team Kits that flip the script on the classic football kit. “We wanted to include the kinds of apparel and accessories that would be in a footballers bag,” “They would be the same colors of on-field uniforms, but with the artists’ twists.” says Jarrett Reynolds, Nike Sportswear Apparel Design Director. In order to accomplish this, the Nike team asked artists contribute a badge, mascot, print and an alphabet in their handwriting style. Each collaboration includes N98 Track Jacket, AW 77 hoodie, kit tee, polo shirt and short for both men and women; then tee for men and tank for women.

So basically, Nike took some of the more prominent national teams, then took artists from those respective countries and let them have a go at creating something that is inspired by and for that country’s collection.

They were paired up with local James Jarvis. One of the stronger looks in the collection I think.

South Africa
Paired up with Cape Town native Kronk, the styles are good, but I think lacks focus and cohesion.

United States
Paired up with Mr. Cartoon from SoCal. I’m not a huge fan of the style, kind of lacks any obvious USA ties being all black and grey.

So Me, nee Bertrand De Langeron is a famous French illustrator. I think these kits really hit it. They feel really stylish and are still unmistakably French.

With Graffiti artist Delta, I think these and the French kits are the best ones. The orange and blue keep the national colors running through, but they look really good.

The Brazil kits come from Artist Nunca which was “Inspired by Incan symbolism and a primitive style of graffiti called “Pixação.”

This last collection isn’t a part of the artists national team kits, but I really dig this. It’s the Brazil national kits, but instead of the bright and famous yellow, everything was done with black. Good look.

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Supra NS Cuttler and Assault

I’ve been looking at Supra shoes for a while now, and although I’m a fan of hightops, the usual Supra is just a tad too high/gaudy for my style.

This new collection on the other hand looks great. I am a big fan of the canvas ones in both high and low tops.

The leather hightops aren’t bad, but the shiny leather low tops are not my style, too loud.

Philippines is crazy – or at least the NY Times wants you to think so.

So, I’m half Filipino. I’ve been there a couple times. spent more than 9 weeks total in all the times I went. I’ve been from the province to the downtown urban. Sang karaoke in both.

Then I find this article in on the written by Norimitsu Onishi. It’s titled “Sinatra Song Often Strikes Deadly Chord.”

Apparently, there have been “at least half a dozen victims in the past decade.” Deaths attributed to the poor singing of Frank Sinatra’s “My Way.”

But the news media have recorded at least half a dozen victims in the past decade and includes them in a subcategory of crime dubbed the “My Way Killings.”

The killings have produced urban legends about the song and left Filipinos groping for answers. Are the killings the natural byproduct of the country’s culture of violence, drinking and machismo? Or is there something inherently sinister in the song?

A half dozen. In a decade.

That means it could half been 6 in one day 10 years ago.

Norimitsu Onishi is an idiot. The NY Times is stupid for publishing the article.

I just don’t want people to get the wrong idea about the Philippines, that it’s some kind of backwards world where death is looming around every corner and people get shot for singing karaoke. That isn’t the case at all. These random acts of violence are no different than any other wacko killing innocent people for no reason. It happens all around the world.

You can read the article here