Basketball shoes – (even if i dont really play)

So I’ve been waiting for this re-re-release for a long time.

Nike Air More Uptempo are going to be released again this year, and I’m probably going to get a pair. I have wanted these since I was like 10 when I first saw them. My girlfriend still has the originals in her closet. One of the best shoes ever.

OK, for real, they are actually pretty ugly, and I don’t see myself buying these if I were looking just for shoes, this is really a childhood fulfillment thing. Like eating pizza for breakfast/lunch/dinner, staying up late, that type of stuff. I have just always wanted them, and this time I can get them, so I will.

Here’s a few more of the old shoes that aren’t necessarily good looking that I will/would buy.

Pippen II. My best friend had a pair of these for like 4 years. Every Saturday, I would go to his house and these would be in a bucket of bleach and water getting cleaned. Some of the best shoes ever.

Jordan XIII. I remember these coming out, and I wanted them so badly, but at the time, my parents were not about to allow me to spend more than 50 bucks on a pair of kicks. So be it, I want these now. I finally have a little money, and so I will make these mine.

Now, it won’t be in all these colors, but I really did like all these combinations. There are other Jordans I like, but none grabbed me like these.


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