Porsche 918 Hybrid – to be built?

Now, I don’t post on just any prototype cars. I like EV and I love prototypes, but most of the time, you see them at a few shows, and you forget about them. I am way more interested in production cars that look great and/or perform.

I thought the 918 concept from Porsche was one of those prototype cars. It looks stunning, I am in love with the shape, the lines, the look, but in a year, nobody would remember it, and it would get brought up 3 years from now on some Porsche forum asking why it was never built.

What is this? Porsche wants to build this car? With it hybrid drive train? OMG. Check this things out. 500hp petrol V8, two electric engines churning 281 hp? Wow.

Now I’m still a bit skeptical on this, they say it won’t be produced for another 5 years or so, and that’s only if it can be a money maker. Chances are it could very likely be cancelled, but man do I want this thing.

via wired


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