Electric automobiles making more waves in the blogesphere

I made my way over to Wired.com like I do on the usual, and total was a special treat for those interested in alternative energy solutions for automobiles.

Out of the 10 latest articles on the Autopia blog page, 8 of them were dedicated to either fully electric or hybrid vehicles.

And not even mostly sucky ones.

There was one on the Chevy Volt van that I didn’t care about, and something about a solar car in Canada driving on an ice road, but the other 6 were killer articles on awesome electric vehicles.
There is this article about Better Place bringing their electric cars to China and Tokyo. Working with Cherry in China where 80% of all car buyers are going to be new car buyers, this will make a huge difference in the electric car push as millions of Chinese get on the road, hopefully with electric wheels. And in Tokyo, they are looking at using Better Place cars for taxis.

Another article points to the immense interest that the Nissan Leaf is bringing in, with 6600+ people reserving their cars within the first 3 days of the car’s announcement. With the first major car company bringing a fully electric car to the table, I hope that this really works out as a viable product and other companies follow suit.

In the same vein of electric cars that can carry a family, but with more style comes the report that the federal government has finalized it financing for Fiskar Automotive’s $528 million dollar loan. With this, the $90K Karma will be built in an old GM plant in Wilmington Delaware.

Then comes cool cars, with the first an electrified Campagna Motors T-Rex. Dubbed the E. Rex, normally this is a mid engined 3 wheeled vehicle that tears. The E. Rex comes with an electric motor, will see a 100 mile charge and will hit 60 in 5 seconds. That’s fast.

The last two articles come from Porsche, with the first relating to the 911 GT3 R Hybrid racer. It made it’s laps at Nurburgring Nordschleife, with the driver noting that the electric power in the front really helping pull the car out of the corners.

Finally, the 918 Hybrid Supercar that I wrote about a few weeks back. Man I love the look of this thing. Well, we said that Porsche would have to somehow come up with a strong business case in order to consider production of this car, and apparently there is really a strong case being built. 900 or so inquiries have been made into buying that car if it were to see production, and apparently 1000 requests were what it took to get the Carrera GT put into production. Let’s hope that we hit that 1000 mark and that this is enough for Porsche to make the thing.

6 articles of cool/real cars, all electric or hybrid/electric that will some how effect or change the automotive landscape in the near future, and all of these showing up on the front page of Wired.com blogs. I like the way things are looking.


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