Triumvir x Street Fighter – Nerdy Cool clothing

I came across this stuff at some nerd game sites and I thought it was pretty cool.

Then I came across the newer stuff that will be coming out for Super Street Fighter 4 on some of the style websites I frequent.

I’m a bit torn, I like the original line’s black/white look and with more full character shots instead of just upper halves of characters. But I like the splashes of color on the newer line. I also have a hard time with the white shirts or black shirts, as depending on the design, both can look good or terrible. I would probably go with just the first line if I had to pick, but I could see myself grabbing a few from each set, overall they were relatively well done, but it does feel like some were forced as if they just needed to include a certain character for some reason.

For sale at the Triumvir webiste
New designs shown at Highsnobiety


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