Catching up on my summer happenings – the last few weeks

Here’s the cool things that I’ve done in the last month to get you up to speed.

Summer just hit in Seattle, for some reason it wanted to stay in the 50s until late June. Here are the things I have been able to do since it’s become nicer.

Went camping with my cousins.

Trying to be artsy fartsy camping pics

Went up into the mountains shooting, first time firing a shotgun, I want one now. Also shot a .40 glock, and there are 2 9mm in there, I shot both. Also that .357 revolver, I actually shot more accurately with that thing than the .40 or the 9s for some reason. I was really accurate with the shotgun.


A bar in Issaquah where they serve Rogue beer, apparently one of the few bars that have it on tap according to beer snob Howard.

We went hiking with Howard the day before he left. 4.5 miles never felt so long. I’m a wuss.

Titan got a cool hat made for him

Watched the Sounders finally win a game, even if it wasn’t at Qwest in a league game. They beat the LA Galaxy in US Open Cup play at Starfire.


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