Formula D Seattle

I’m going to try and move more in a direction of stuff that I’m doing, less about stuff I want.

But I will still post things I think are funny.

So this last weekend I spent Friday and Saturday in the beautiful/backwoods city of Monroe, Washington for the 2010 Formula D Seattle event. For the last 2 years I have been the chief judge for Formula D Pro-AM for the Northwest. Last year I was granted as an “approved” Formula D judge, working with Ernie Fixmer and Andy Yen. This year, I since I am now an approved judge, I was able to use my own team to judge the FD Pro AM event that runs during the FD event. It was a great opportunity for me and my guys to apply the teamwork we have been building over the past year and a half since last FD, and also for my guys to interact with the FD judges and find out how they work as well.

Now, normally we have a pretty large group of NW drivers that represent at the Pro AM, but since we have such a talented driver pool, we actually lost 4 drivers to the Pro level, which left us a little short on drivers for our own event. This year we only had 7 that were able to run. Still, a very good event, and by the time the crowds showed up, these guys really stepped it up and it looks like we could be sending a couple more to the pro level in by the end of the year. It’s really cool, we got a ton of compliments about the amount of drivers we bring up that are very skillful and committed to drifting, and bring the largest local representation out of any of the other FD stops.

Here are a few pics I took with my iPhone 4, quality is ok.
A view from the judges booth of the final corner, that’s Alex Pfeiffer and Robbie Nishida during practice.

Here’s the drift emporium G35, I really like this and the S15 they run, both with VK45 Nissan Titan V8s and superchargers, which are actually louder than the exhaust sometimes.

Here’s a pic of Kohei Nakamura’s car, a BC driver who is sponsored by Drift Office, a local shop in the Seattle area and who got 3rd place in the Pro AM.

These are of the Pro AM event, the event I judged in order that they finished.
1st. Kyle Pollard

2nd. Nick Jimenez

3rd. Kohei Nakamura

4th. Peter Funatake

Here’s a pic of a local guy Nikolay Konstantinov who made it into the Top 16 at this event, I believe the best showing of any NW driver in an FD event.

Congrats to the drivers, and congrats to the NW. I kept hearing from the FD staff how this is the biggest and loudest crowd they get all year, and they love coming here.


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