Thursday impromptu bar crawl – Capitol Hill

So the lady went to go watch Alex Band (you look it up if you wanna know, I don’t care who it is), and I wanted no part of it. So Adam and I partook in an impromptu bar crawl.

My plan initially had been to go to a bar close to Chop Suey where the concert was and watch the MLS game between San Jose and LA. As they usually do, this plan also mostly fell apart. I ended up at RPS, which is a local streetwear shop I had been wanting to stop by for the last year or so, since I have heard good things about them. Found out the shop closes at 7, I got there at 720, but they were nice enough to open up since the owner said he had a meeting at 8 and was just chillin for the time being. Come to find they had a FIFA 10 tournament the weekend before, and had like 10 xbox kiosks chillin. I was upset I missed the tournament, but glad I found they shop, and will be sure to pick up some gear from them in the future.

Rock Paper Scissors
Well, with all this going on waiting for Adam, the game started at 730, so a search for a bar with a tv began.

Little known fact (to me), very few bars on Capitol Hill have tvs apparently. Tried Elysian Brewery, tried some Japanese bar, we found one bar, but it smelled like moldy towels when you stepped in, so we stepped right back out.

We went down 6 blocks to the Baltic Room to watch the second half of the game, as we had already missed the first half.

So I’m chillin, mindin my business, and I find we’re surrounded by like 15 emo/scenesters playing around with the “stage” (large wood box with drum on top). The discussion began with one chaps utterly large bear, he must have weighed 120 pounds, with the bear easily taking up 10% of that. It then turned to the style of dress, with the question of if they were homeless. They did not smell too bad, so I assumed no. That is unless they were newly homeless and/or sleeping in their car. Then the question became, why dress yourselves leaving other to question of you “are you homeless?” It was determined that living in the questionable neighborhood and dressing as though you truly belonged in said questionable neighborhood, these young adults would find themselves as the next Bob Dylans of the world. And the suburbs that they come from would be proud of their newly found urban roots.

So, no joke, this dude and his 9 friends just showed up, I don’t know if it was open mic, or if he was the only act of the night, but when he started they asked us if we wanted stamps so that we didn’t have to pay cover to get back in. No, I don’t want a stamp, and I won’t pay to get back in. After he played his 5 emo songs, a surprise.

He just dropped on the mic “I’m going to just start playing some Moroccan folk music and sing some incoherent lyrics.” He drops a beat on a repeater, starts playing some guitar riffs and does exactly that. Actually, it did not sound bad. After a pitcher of Blue Moon, it was off to Kurrent for some asian inspired food.

Order the Katsu. So good. Serious.

Watched the Mariners make it to the 10th inning after being down 6-1, I guess they lost later in the game.

More wandering found us outside this bar, Barca. Pretty packed place, live jazz music was cool.

Ferrari of Seattle. Just happened to be nearby, stopped to admire the wares.

11 or something, stopped drinking a while back since I was sure we would be leaving right around now. Any second, I’ll get the text to make my way back to the car a leave. Any moment now.

Killing those last few minutes, we stumble across an interesting array of colors. Vitamin Water Social Club.

You tell me what this is. I don’t get it. They have some website, but I won’t pimp that business here. The wall was cool, that’s all.

That is all bottles of vitamin water.

1130 I get a text “Playing the last song, waiting for autographs and pictures.”


Fine, I make my way back to the car, I’m sure they will meet me there in like 5 minutes. Chilled and listed to the new Big Boi album.

Sounds good, but I always get the feeling that Big Boi never made it out of 1998. He always sounds the same. That’s not a dig on him, and it’s not a bad thing, it just feels nostalgic, but not in the way where you feel like a kid again. It’s kind of like in the way you feel weird seeing someone from highschool that you weren’t really friends with, but you were cordial with each other and feel you need to exchange pleasantries. Then it turns into the, “yea we should do something sometime, i’ll get at you on facebook,” but you know you won’t, and they know too. But it was still nice seeing them.

Anyway, buy The Roots new album.

End tangent.

We pass by this spot on the way back, I don’t know whats up with the sign, but it’s a bar that’s basically outdoors, very cool layout, and they have Wii. I’ll make my way back to this place at some point, it looks ideal to watch football games, as they have lots of space and clear views of many tvs, along with the outdoors part for when it’s nice. And a hotdog store next door. They sell a hotdog deep fried and wrapped in bacon.

Finally got the call at midnight. Get home at 1, just in time to fall asleep and be way too tired to work on Friday.


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