Taking the highs with the lows

This weekend saw its share of great moments and some pretty crappy moments too.

Saturday could not have gone better, I was able to sleep in til 9, can you believe that? Crazy, I know. Well, then I made my way to the Boeing Classic held not too far from my place at TPC Snoqualmie Ridge, which is the nicest golf courses in my neck of the woods. It was a bunch of older players as this was the champions tour, but some names came through like Fuzzy Zoeller, Fred Couple and Mark O’Meara. Pretty cool to see some of these guys even if they’re not in their prime.

Here’s Fred Couples teeing off on the first hole.

Spent a good 3 hours or so there watching the players then headed back home to relax for a bit. Watched some NFL preseason then turned it off before I got so bored I fell asleep. After watching soccer so much lately, it becomes hard to forgive the amount of commercials and replays that the NFL has to fill the time between people actually playing a sport. It didn’t help that I was always watching 3rd string guys.

Then made my way down to Seattle for the Seattle Sounders v. Chicago Fire, and the return of Freddie Ljunberg. All was well as it was the most fired up I think Qwest field has been this year for the Sounders (and probably even for the Seahawks the past 3 years). We took the win over the Fire with a 91st minute goal by Fredy Montero. Super exciting game. Raspy voice for the rest of the weekend. Great way to end Saturday.

Then came Sunday. Started the day by not sleeping in this time. I was up to watch the Manchester City v. Sunderland game, I was sure we would get the win. Well, I wake up, try to start my computer as the game was not on TV, and…….nothing. The computer gets to the boot screen and blue screen. That means Windows death. FML. I try again. Nothing. Fine, I’ll go use the laptop and figure this out later.

I get to watch the second half, and City absolutely looks like crap. They are getting run by some no name midfield, giving lanes to the forward to make runs and take shots, and getting owned by some big but slow defenders. Great. Well, we can walk out with a tie right? No, 93rd minute, penalty kick. City gives up the first goal against this season on a PK in stoppage time. Great. Back to the dead computer.

Now, we all know how we have that stuff on the computer that we can’t replace, and we all say we should backup regularly, and we never do. That’s always been me. Crystal has been telling me to back this up for months, I always mean to get to it, but never do. Well, now that stuff might be lost. Cool. My hopes lie with the idea that Windows crashed, but my data is still safe. Now I just need to recover it by hooking it up to a different computer. First, we have a kids party to go to. So we go to the party, enjoy ourselves, things are looking up. I get the kit to hook up the hard drive to another computer, and sweet hey zeus, I can see the files, so I start saving them all. Spent the rest of Sunday afternoon watching movies, playing games and saving files. Nice way to end the day.

So a sports nerd weekend, kiddie bdays, FML moments, and victory from the jaws of windows crashing.


Blur – Song 2

Heard this on the radio this morning (yeah I know I’m like the second to last person still listening to the radio).

I think nostalgic is the word, this song is what, like 12 years old now (wikipedia tells me 1996, so 14 years)? Yeah, it was nice to hear some older stuff, takes you back.
(yeah, apparently they won’t allow me to embed the actual video, weak.)

This one too, they had a few good songs. Definately one of my favorite videos too, but they wouldn’t let me embed it, so search for it on youtube.

Aloha Hawaii – Let’s do this again real soon

With the islands still fresh on my mind Monday after returning from vacation, I was too lazy to do anything. So here’s my vacation pictures 4 days late. Deal with it.

We arrived late Wednesday night with a whole 4 days before we had to go back home. It was already nice, even at 1030 at night with the temperatures never dropping below 75 at night, never going above 88 during the day with a great breeze off the ocean. We stayed 2 blocks off of Waikiki beach which was really convenient although we didn’t get to spend as much time there as we probably wanted.

Just another of the hotel gardens around the area, this was right outside the Royal Hawaiian

Crys decided that we should go visit the zoo.
That is a freaking zebra.

He got so close, I could punch him.

But I wouldn’t do that to Mister Zebra. Unless he was getting mouthy.

Ostrich. That is a huge bird. Like, what I imagine Big Bird’s size to be in real life, but way uglier, and didn’t teach me to spell/count/sing/make friends (why don’t i have more friends?)

It’s a bird. He actually wasn’t even an exhibit. Just some bird.

That is an effin giraffe chillin with a rhino. They had like 4 giraffes, and 3 rhinos, but only these two would pose. Them other ones were stuck up or whatever.

On our last day there, we spent some time just wandering the east coast of the island, as we had only gone west and north shore each time we’ve gone. It was a good idea, as we saw so much we hadn’t seen before and it was actually very nice.
Here are some through the mountains. We just wandered around (thank goodness for the iphone GPS, probably would still be driving up there now) taking pictures at different scenic viewpoints and parks.

These are on the east shore, first time I had been there and it was actually probably some of the nicest shoreline and water I had seen, even for Hawaii. Might be better than Waikiki.
These are of a little rocky area we stopped by, mostly fisherman and such there, but down the road a bit were some beaches with sand if you wanted to hang out there.

Me gettin all artsy fartsy with the shutter speed

Then we had to say bye bye.

Few things I learned about nothing in particular in Hawaii:

The Ford Focus is actually a decent car, rides well, handles well, interior is ok.

Watching live soccer from England sucks in Hawaii, as they are 3 hours behind Seattle, and I usually get up early to watch soccer at 7 here. An early game to watch Manchester City game? 1:45 am local time.

Don’t bleed onto the dress shirt you plan on wearing to a wedding, it’s in bad taste.

Mopeds are cool, I want one.

If I were a bum, I would not live in Seattle, rather Honolulu or some other place warm, like San Diego. Being a beach bum has to be way better than bumming it up on a cold street.

Gas in Honolulu is actually about the same price as Seattle right now, and that sucks.

Vodka Tonic is my new drink. With a little bit of lime.

7 days was too many last time, 4 is not enough. 5.5 days should be perfect? (that’s using science)

Another day in paradise

Time for my first significant vacation (more than a 3 day weekend) in almost 2 years. The last time was actually the same vacation in Honolulu. I needed it.

Spent most of the time with the wifey going around visiting potential spots for the wedding in a couple years. Still undecided if it should be back home or abroad (can you call hawaii abroad? It’s further than like 18 foreign countries from the mainland).

Spent the rest of the time eating and shopping the city. Had to get some dressy clothes for a wedding on Saturday as I managed to ruin the ones I brought.

After 2 days I also finally got to chill on the beach today for an hour. Need to do a little more of that with the last 2 days we have left.