Aloha Hawaii – Let’s do this again real soon

With the islands still fresh on my mind Monday after returning from vacation, I was too lazy to do anything. So here’s my vacation pictures 4 days late. Deal with it.

We arrived late Wednesday night with a whole 4 days before we had to go back home. It was already nice, even at 1030 at night with the temperatures never dropping below 75 at night, never going above 88 during the day with a great breeze off the ocean. We stayed 2 blocks off of Waikiki beach which was really convenient although we didn’t get to spend as much time there as we probably wanted.

Just another of the hotel gardens around the area, this was right outside the Royal Hawaiian

Crys decided that we should go visit the zoo.
That is a freaking zebra.

He got so close, I could punch him.

But I wouldn’t do that to Mister Zebra. Unless he was getting mouthy.

Ostrich. That is a huge bird. Like, what I imagine Big Bird’s size to be in real life, but way uglier, and didn’t teach me to spell/count/sing/make friends (why don’t i have more friends?)

It’s a bird. He actually wasn’t even an exhibit. Just some bird.

That is an effin giraffe chillin with a rhino. They had like 4 giraffes, and 3 rhinos, but only these two would pose. Them other ones were stuck up or whatever.

On our last day there, we spent some time just wandering the east coast of the island, as we had only gone west and north shore each time we’ve gone. It was a good idea, as we saw so much we hadn’t seen before and it was actually very nice.
Here are some through the mountains. We just wandered around (thank goodness for the iphone GPS, probably would still be driving up there now) taking pictures at different scenic viewpoints and parks.

These are on the east shore, first time I had been there and it was actually probably some of the nicest shoreline and water I had seen, even for Hawaii. Might be better than Waikiki.
These are of a little rocky area we stopped by, mostly fisherman and such there, but down the road a bit were some beaches with sand if you wanted to hang out there.

Me gettin all artsy fartsy with the shutter speed

Then we had to say bye bye.

Few things I learned about nothing in particular in Hawaii:

The Ford Focus is actually a decent car, rides well, handles well, interior is ok.

Watching live soccer from England sucks in Hawaii, as they are 3 hours behind Seattle, and I usually get up early to watch soccer at 7 here. An early game to watch Manchester City game? 1:45 am local time.

Don’t bleed onto the dress shirt you plan on wearing to a wedding, it’s in bad taste.

Mopeds are cool, I want one.

If I were a bum, I would not live in Seattle, rather Honolulu or some other place warm, like San Diego. Being a beach bum has to be way better than bumming it up on a cold street.

Gas in Honolulu is actually about the same price as Seattle right now, and that sucks.

Vodka Tonic is my new drink. With a little bit of lime.

7 days was too many last time, 4 is not enough. 5.5 days should be perfect? (that’s using science)


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